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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  June 10, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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live from the kgo tv broadcast center this is abc 7 news. >> live doppler hd tracking showers hitting the south bay and east bay and the wet weather is expected to continue through the afternoon rush hour. good afternoon. >> let's start with new video just into the abc 7 news room. you can see rainy commute. drivers are facing a slippery ride home. >> it was a similar story earlier today on the peninsula. abc 7 news where light showers fell around 10:00 a.m. enough water to puddle on the ground. >> this is almeida, people waiting for the ferry had to pull out their umbrella.
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there are areas that broke daily records. >> june not only known for soaking showers but today a lot of cities saw their monthly worth of rain this morning. live doppler 7 hd showing moderate rain showers right around san jose at this hour. 880, 101 280 monroe street seeing damp roadways. windshield wipers getting a workout. we'll move north and as we do showers less numerous. hayward light showers. san francisco, oakland, emeryville with cloudy skies. much of the north bay is dry but dealing with peaks of sunshine. a live look outside our walnut creek camera. take a look at record rainfall we had since midnight. sfo airport picking up a quarter inch of rain. normally the entire month of
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june with just over a tenth of an inch. livermore over a quarter of an inch. oakland city itself and richmond. sfo showing droplets. what to expect through the evening, showers through 7:00 diminish by 9:00 and then dealing with patchy fog later on tonight. once the system is out of here we will bring you back the heat. we'll detail that in just a few minutes. >> we'll take every drop at this point. hayward where a high school graduation will take place tonight rain or shine. >> reporter: i am at mt. eden high school. some graduating seniors have been tweeting me saying they don't want to stand during the entire ceremony so they hope their seats are dry. that is what maintenance crews and students from the leadership class are out here doing. they have towels brooms and are using leaf blowers to dry off the bleachers and thousands of
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chairs before the 6:00 p.m. ceremony. the brown athletic field serves as a reminder of the state's crippling drought. the district cut back on watering all lawns to conserve. today it is anything but dry. steady rains has been soaking the bay area. >> we are excited about the rain but we have graduation ceremonies. >> reporter: around 400 students will get diplomas. the ceremony is being held outside rain or shine. >> we are looking forward to rain or shine that we are going to have the graduation. we have been looking for this for years. this is something parents are always looking forward to. >> reporter: principal says there is nowhere inside big enough to hold the events. organizers are not planning to use canopies or tarps to cover the crowd. they have already put a tent on the stage, covered the podium and called parents. >> make sure they are aware to
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come prepared and they are aware about the traffic and they come here and bring ponchos. >> reporter: this isn't the first rainy graduation here. back in the mid 1990s a school official told me the senior class walked a soggier field during a storm. >> and a reminder when you get unusual weather where you live take a photo or video and share with us. the driver of this red suv had to be rescued when it flipped over this morning. sky 7 hd was over interstate 280 in san francisco. the driver went into hospital. the cause of the crash is under investigation. there was light rain at the time of the accident. the chp says speed may have played a role in this accident in oakland. sky 7 hd showing us a big rig that overturned and shut down the on ramp. that truck was carrying huge
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metal beams from the old bay bridge when it flipped over. the beams are so big the cleanup involved get ag crane to reload the truck and that took several hours. now to the warriors remaining in cleveland prepping for game four tomorrow noilth. >> after the heartbreaking loss in game three all attention turning to sudden superstar, former st. mary's star stole the show. we can talk about xs and os forever. here is a question -- >> lebron james -- go ahead. lebron james is the heart and soul of this team and his new side kick is st. mary's star matthew della nudova. so he is the grit and grind of this team. he doesn't mind leaving his feet
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to dive on the hard wood. he has shut down steph curry and has done a great job. he is a cult-like figure already and now here in cleveland. here is lebron james on his side kick. >> he brings it all. everything that he has he lays it on the floor. he dove on the ground last night, nba finals record six times. last night he was on the ground again after the game. he gives it everything that he has. we all appreciate it as his brothers. >> kind of a little bit of a cult figure here. back in the bay area they are having watch parties. can you speak to the people out there and your fans in the bay area? >> i mean, st. mary's is a very special place to me.
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you know, that's my home away from home. and it means a lot that those guys are supporting me even though in enemy territory so to speak. it is pretty cool to know that that's there. >> reporter: he played so hard last night he had leg cramps and had to go to the hospital. says he is final and will be ready for game four tomorrow night. reporting outside of quicken loans arena abc 7 news. >> before you run especially as a professional athlete yourself the questions the warriors have to answer, can any say i personally want it more than deli and i'm going to hit the floor like he is to show that? >> reporter: well they need to start playing like that and show some heart and soul or this thing is going to be over quicker than we thought. talking to the warriors today they know it and realize they are in a dog fight.
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we will talk about that coming up at 6:00. >> here is a closer look at tomorrow's schedule. the news at 4:00 followed by world news tonight at 4:30 and then the toyota pregame show. 5:30 abc 7 the only place to see the warriors in game four. our special edition of toyota after the game. and then an hour long edition of abc 7 news at 10:30. more than 50 digital billboards now display the pictures of two escaped killers. >> this is day five now of an intense hunt for richard mack and david sweat. marsy gonzalez with new information on the search. >> reporter: police say they developed 500 leads and though this is day five of the man hunt they say they are confident these guys will be caught. a de ja vu day of door knocks
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and meticulous marches through back yards and thick brush officers carefully canvassing the neighborhood bordering the upstate new york prison where inmates escaped and scouring small towns after a tip that they may have been spotted running into the woods there. >> we need to find these escapees. they are dangerous men. they are killers. they are murderers. there is no reason to believe they wouldn't do it again. they are going to be more desperate than ever. >> reporter: the search extending to the homes of family and friends that investigators think the convicts could contact. >> they were on their way. >> reporter: with new billboards going up in new york and neighboring states the investigations still focus inside the maximum security prison and on this woman joyce mitchell. police confirming that the
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prison employee befriended the inmates and may have had a role in assisting them. state police also said today they are looking into the possibility that the men may have told people they plan to head to vermont. authorities in both states are working together on the search. still ahead on abc 7 news. awesome things to do in santa clara. the new list the south bay city is using to promote itself ahead of super bowl l. >> and a market bust here in california. toys the target of federal investigators. allegations of police brutality surrounding a central coast community after a baton beating caught on camera. the demand that activists are making. and taking your questions on twitter and facebook. he'll answer them here live later. just search on facebook or twitter. as we approach 411:00 on a
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soggy day look at the sky way here. traffic is just brutal in both directions. back with more on abc 7 new
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covering all the bay area this is abc 7 news. we are just 241 days away from super bowl l and tourism officials know the clock is ticking when it comes to promoting their city to potential visitors. abc 7 news reporter is live at levistadium with more on their
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efforts. >> reporter: good afternoon. no doubt that levi stadium will be a star of the super bowl but tourism officials tell me they are doing everything they can to remind people about the history of the city and what makes santa clara so special. some say santa clara is a sleepy town but says it is a city on the rise. >> different flavors, different cultures, different ideas. what is beautiful about this region is that there is a spirit of entertaining the different points of view. >> reporter: with super bowl l less than a year away tourism officials -- >> it is hard to change perception of places. >> reporter: that is the goal, an online effort called 50 awesome things to do in santa clara. turning to social media to spread the word. a trip to the intel museum where visitors can explore people and technology, a stroll through the grounds of mission santa clara
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or perhaps a visit to the most popular attraction, great america. >> everyone expects to see a surge cht. >> reporter: park spokesman says great america won't be open during super bowl but is hopeful visitors will make a return trip. >> spot light on other parts of the bay area to come to so they say maybe i will check it out. >> reporter: this city not wanting to be an after thought in the minds of fans. >> we want to take the opportunity to let the world know all the great things there are to do in santa clara. classes were held on schedule following an early morning fire at washington high school. crews responded to the scene. firefighters say a utility closet in the school's science wing caught fire. it is the last week of school with students with graduation set for tomorrow. police hope surveillance video will lead to an arrest of
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suspected arsonist. you see the man picking up a piece of cloth and lighting it and throws it under the cars. each of the cars is worth $40,000. no arrests have been made yet. final testing is underway before the new approach to the golden gate bridge can finally open to traffic. abc 7 news was on doyle drive as emergency crews staged this fire drill inside the new tunnel to test response. the drills are testing out heat detection monitors ventilation system and high capacity sprinklers that can put out car fires. >> it basically squashes just about any fire except a truck fire. >> the new doyle drive is expected to open to traffic sometime after the 4th of july weekend. police in san diego busted a major organized crime ring of lego thieves. four people are accused of stealing $100,000 worth of legos
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and other toys from stores throughout the country. police say the accused thieves simply stroll out of toy stars with shopping carts full of legos. investigators say they want to find out what the group has been doing with stolen merchandise. >> odd. >> i don't know what the black market is for legos but apparently quite good. strange weather. >> record heat and now record rainfall. and now the heat is coming back as the rain moves out. need sunglasses for tomorrow. you can put away the umbrellas after this evening. live doppler 7 hd showing activity is weakening. where we are seeing rain falling closer on street level into the south bay around san jose just light rain showers that are diving off to the south and around livermore, 580 valley avenue still damp roadways. this is about it for the wet
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weather. most areas right now are dry. we take a look at the rainfall for today. the past 24 hours it's not a lot of rainfall by any means. this is rather significant because june is one of our drier months. oakland just over 0.01 inch. concord close to half an inch of rain. the low clouds are clearing over the city. we have a high veil of thick clouds. the forecast does call for showers ending this evening. the heat back tomorrow and then upper 90s make a return inland. temperaturewise it's pretty comfortable. we are in the 60s and low 70s across the board. it is feeling truly tropical. dew point measures the amount of moisture in the atmosphere and right now it is rather humid with numbers in the low to mid 60s. moisture does have a tropical connection. satellite and radar will show you this is the remnants of what
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was tropical storm blanka. as she moves out she will bring back sunshine for our thursday. clouds tonight. tomorrow morning a lotf omoisture in the air. i think patchy dense fog is an issue. by the afternoon sunshine back and temperatures really rebound nicely. take a look at san jose for example. tomorrow mid 80s. friday we go into the low 90s and temperatures kind of bottom out in the low 80s before another warming trend hits us early next week. so overnight lows tonight the clouds with us. it is rather humid and a mild night. upper 50s to low 60s. highs for tomorrow rebounding. 90s come back san francisco warm at 70. nice and warm with sunshine and high of 85 degrees. here is your seven day forecast. temperatures rebound tomorrow. friday warm to hot. same for saturday. sunday warriors back home and
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temperatures look to be warm in the upper 70s to lower 80s. thank you. let's take a live look at our 360 camera eastbound 24 approaching the exit. you know what happens anytime it rains or the road is damp pretty much everybody forgets how to drive. it is all stacked up here. this is actually pretty normal for commute hours on eastbound 24 because all these cars are heading up towards the tunnel which gets really bottled up after they added the other bore. about 10 miles per hour heading up as they snake their way slowly heading into the east bay. destination weddings here in california. up next meet the ten couples traveling half way around the world to tie the knot and the special message they are hoping to send home. one day after giants rookie throws a no-hitter he opens up about the night he will never
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forget. at 4:21 taking a live look at our traffic. this is 680 on the right-hand side. it is getting a little jammed up around that curve. 680 northbound. we are back after a short break.
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"fifty shades of grey" book fears it might be released ahead of the official debut. someone stole the manuscript. employees noticed it was gone immediately. they called police. the new book hits store shelves next week but the publisher is worried it might be online. raven simone is joining "the view" full time. the show made it official today giving a splashy welcome as
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permanent cohost. widely known for disney channel comedy "that's so raven." >> my kids used to watch that. she is all grown up. gay pride month underway. to celebrate one southern california city hosted a special ceremony. >> they travelled from china to say i do. these couples are hoping to send a message back to their homeland. >> with this ring i thee wed. >> reporter: these same-sex couples were overwhelmed with emotion as they took part in a ceremony. they crossed an ocean to have. >> she definitely hopes for marriage equality. >> reporter: ten couples were married in west hollywood. the couples are winners of a
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contest held by alibaba. the aim of the contest and wedding celebration is to raise awareness of same-sex relationships in china. >> maybe someone will think our marriage license will not be valid in china. they think it is powerful and it will be valid in the future. >> reporter: china's largest gay social application documented the couples' entire trip and for many it has been an emotional journey. >> she hasn't told the parents yet but the friends and aunts and uncles know about that. she is completely not out of the closet. >> reporter: china decriminalized in 1997 but same-sex marriage is illegal. in los angeles the couples were able to celebrate. >> they have gone out and have been to west hollywood and feel like prince and princesses.
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>> reporter: organizers hope the weddings send a strong message about acceptance across the globe. abc 7 news at 4:00 continues. the bay area college counselors who are giving out that advice and why they say it is the right strategy if you want to get into a particular college. and fans aren't giving up. how they are keeping hope alive ahead of game four. the video sparking new anger directed at a central
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. live this is abc 7 news. >> today's world weather brought a site the bay area hasn't seen in a while people using umbrellas even though san francisco didn't get drenched. abc 7 news meteorologist tracking light rain mainly falling in the south bay and east bay. drew will have full forecast in ten minutes. laura anthony during the finals. laura tweeted this photo of the bay area exhibit at cleveland's rock and roll hall of fame. you can see there is a curious addition to the display. laura will have a live report at
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5:00. and then council member is calling for federal probe into the police department. critics cite a video showing officers hitting a man repeated repeatedly with batons. david is live with the details. >> reporter: we are told they have well over 100 encounters a year with mentally ill people. the relatives say he has such issues but instead of getting help the other day he got beat up by police. the video you are about to see is graphic. this is the video that sparked new anger at the police department, an incident friday evening showing five officers surrounding 28-year-old jose valasco. the woman was his mother. >> i called for help for my son. >> reporter: he was in court for
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a parole violation and was using crutches. sources say it took ten stitches to close wounds on his head. relatives joined protesters saying this is the latest case of excessive force. police were involved in four officer-involved shootings last year. a police spokesman says he was high on meth and alcohol and had taken a taser off an officer's belt and say the video doesn't tell the whole story. >> we are asking members of the public to make sure they are familiar with the whole story and work with us to go through proper investigative review of this and see if this is justified. >> reporter: a city council member says it is time for the u.s. justice department to step in. >> we are looking for assistance from a civil rights division, assistance immediately. 100 page report that was done for ferguson that is what we want cht that is what caused
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police chief to resign. >> reporter: police given body cameras. these officers did not have them. abc 7 news. >> and new york city 31 people were hurt when two buses collided in the lincoln tunnel. sources say a manhattan bound bus rear ended a charter bus. others were able to walk out on their own. the crash caused a major backup into new jersey and took three hours for crews to clear the crash from the tube. two men were killed when a bakersfield bound train slammed into the van they were riding in. the collision happened in rural fresno county. highway patrol officers say the driver was trying to cross the tracks. none of the 181 passengers on board the train from sacramento to bakersfield was hurt. the engineer at the controls of the amtrak train involved in the deadly derailment was not using his cell phone at the time
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according to ntsb who reviewed the cell phone records. the train was going 106 miles per hour last month when it entered a curve with a 50 miles per hour speed limit. there was a somber procession for passengers who died aboard the german wings plane that was deliberately crashed. loved ones greeted coffins at the airport after french investigators allowed families to take custodies of the bodies. the u.s. will send 450 more troops to iraq in response to recent setbacks in baghdad. the white house says the order comes at the request of iraq's prime minister. there are more than 3,000 american service members in iraq.
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presidential hopeful hillary clinton is branching out on social media. take a look at her first instagram post. hard choices is the caption for the photo. hard choices is the title of clinton's memoir. clinton's team hopes her feed will regularly show a more personal and candid side of clinton and her supporters. back to the warriors. trying to remain positive this afternoon after a second straight loss in the nba finals to cleveland. abc 7 reporter tells us what some fans are doing as we awade game four. >> reporter: the warriors know sometimes you have have to change things up a bit. same thing for warriors fan. his jersey is going back in the closet. >> two straight losses got to mix it up. he works for rock bottom
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brewery. the warriors win or lose are a big draw. game three delivered double the normal business. >> no one drowning sorrows. >> people have to go back to work. >> reporter: right across the street warriors gear is hot. once it hits the shelves it is devoured by fans. in fact, workers had to raid the display window to satisfy customers. >> i didn't get a chance to fill it back up. >> as long as my bus doesn't know this down in sacramento. >> i understand but not -- >> so i asked kevin where is the cleveland cavaliers gear and he says they have one thing left for any lebron james fan and it is the lebron james lanyard. it does say cleveland cavaliers on it.
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so in a sea of golden state warriors gear this is what you have cleveland. >> i hope keller burned that. just joking. abc 7 the only place to see the warriors and the cavs in the nba finals. while the warriors had a rough night on the court a san francisco giants rookie had a game he will remember forever and here is why. >> and here in new york city thrown a no-hitter. >> chris hesten leading the giants to a victory in new york. the giants, this is a regular thing with them. they have become the second team in history to toss no hitters in four straight seasons. now the 27-year-old nicknamed hesto presto calling it the greatest moment of his life.
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a popular cruise line tells passengers to leave bottled water at home. what is behind the new ban? too much water in one southern community. why the worst is not over yet and the help that is now on the way. i'm michael finny. ask finney is ahead. i'll answer questions here live a little later. the sunshine peeking out and other spots dealing with wet weather. at 4:37 checking your traffic near the south bay 280 through san jose that is your southbound traffic backed up. northbound looking good. on
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we are still on eastbound 24 as you can see we really aren't going anywhere. we are approaching the tunnel. you can see boards right there. we haven't moved much. we are going slowly eastbound. if we turn it around you see westbound traffic moving. look at the cars that are backed up behind us as we head eastbound on 24. how about our weather? >> showers diminishing in coverage but tracking a little
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bit of green on the screen. live doppler 7 hd showing showers confined to the east bay. street level pittsburgh we are seeing light green indicating light but steady rain showers at this hour. we move to the south around san jose you notice interstates are damp. 101 north you get drier. highs for thursday. the wet weather moves east into the four corners around denver, salt lake city and phoenix. hot across much of the east coast. 94 in the nation's capitol. back to the west 95 in dallas. it will be an active weather pattern in parts of the country tomorrow. back here at home our weather quiets down. we bring back sunshine across much of california. 97 the high in sacramento. 95 in fresno. triple digit heat coming in with afternoon high of 100 degrees. closer to home a much drier and brighter day for thursday.
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90s return inland into the low 90s. 74 in richmond. warm in san francisco at 70 degrees. palo alto san jose in the 80s. clear lake return to the warmth of the mid 90s for thursday. >> all right. thank you so much. more weather news from the south. severe flooding in louisiana. the red river has hit historic levels and the water is showing no signs of receding after weeks of heavy rainfall. experts predict the river to stay above flood stage through the end of the month. hundreds of homes in shreveport and bosier city effected. still ahead here on abc 7 news jimmy kimmal's side kick catches up with steph curry. we show you the moments. first soda and now salt. we tell you about the proposal to warn diners the next time
4:43 pm
they eat a salty meal. michael finney the warriors making their run in the nba there's something out there. it's a highly contagious disease. it can be especially serious- even fatal to infants. unfortunately, many people who spread
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it may not know they have it. it's called whooping cough. and the cdc recommends everyone, including those around babies, make sure their whooping cough vaccination is up to date. understand the danger your new grandchild faces. talk to your doctor or pharmacist about you and your family getting a whooping cough vaccination today.
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this is abc 7 news. carnival cruises is banning passengers from bringing bottled water aboard ships because too many people are smuggling booze in the bottles. carnival says it is causing big problems on the ships and the bootlegged alcohol is to blame because they make you pay for the alcohol so they are smuggling this stuff on. this should speed up the boarding process because bottles will no longer need to be tested. carnival says it will lower the price of bottled water. chain restaurants could be required to tell customers which menu items have too much salt. the proposal is backed by nutritionists. the state restaurant association has come out against the plan.
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and other health news you have subscriptions for cable and magazines, how about snacks? would you like your monthly snickers delivered? >> jane king has those stories and more. >> an expert medical group recommended that the frood and drug administration approve a powerful new drug to protect against heart attacks. if it is approved by the entire fda it would be the first in a generation drastically lower levels of cholesterol. more of these types of cholesterol lowering drugs will be evaluated today. launching healthy snack food subscription service will feature natural packaged snacks. general mills is closing its
4:48 pm
subscription service. snack bars pushing price envelope and consumers are not pushing back. "wall street journal" says there are a thousand nutrition bars on the market. the average bar costs $2 up from $1 a decade ago. from the nasdaq i'm jane king. here's to your health. time now for "ask finney." i paid cash for a new car. the dealer says i had to give my social security number even though i wasn't giving financing. why? >> because you paid cash. in the united states if you buy anything cash for more than $10,000 or even take $10,000 in cash and go to the bank with it they have to fill out paperwork. they are looking for drug
4:49 pm
dealers is what it is. money laundering, drug dealers just bad guys. if you have more than 10 grand everybody is going why do you have more than 10 grand. that's the world we live in. >> katherine e-mailed i don't have insurance and my child needs braces. what is the best dental insurance to buy? >> i have potentially good news. obamacare says all children must have on any insurance company must have dental care and that includes orthodontist. it is for medical necessity. what you need to do is contact your insurance company. don't just assume you don't have it. you need to start there and ask them. most dental insurance is so expensive it isn't worth the cost. right now everything has
4:50 pm
changed. >> allen asks to whom do i report a counterfeit warriors t shirt fan? >> he does have good grammar. there is a website called how it is set up is the department of homeland security goes after the counterfeits but don't take reports. the fbi takes reports and gives it to homeland security. you can go to stopfakes. >> thank you. every day during the nba finals we are sharing fan photos and choosing an abc 7 fan of the day. >> this is all about celebrating the warriors and the best fans in basketball. today christine takes the glory. is she on a bicycle or a unicycle? or spin bike? >> i don't know. >> hard to tell. >> she did go to great heights
4:51 pm
to tell us how big of a warriors fan she is. >> we want to see fan pics. be sure to include the city where you live so we give you the proper abc 7 fan of the day shout out. trending now a conversation with warriors guard steph curry. >> can i your face? >> facebook -- >> did you get it? >> look. what do you think? >> there is an app for that. gave curry a hug for good luck. lebron james absolutely refused to talk no matter how much he hounded him in the tunnel. then he went up to practice. while lebron for five minutes he was hounding him and lebron would not acknowledge his
4:52 pm
presence. >> he was having none of it. young boy's handshake with the queen of england is getting a lot of attention. >> took off his top hat and approached the queen over the weekend. and the crowned prince of dubai shot the video or had one of his people do it and posted it saying nothing else defines respect better than a proper handshake. >> that is sweet. abc 7 news at 4:00 does continue. racist advice or a sound strategy to get into college. the bay area college counselors telling students to quote be less asian. coming up next an arsenal of weapons and a dent made in the illegal gun trade. rattlesnakes attack two kids this week. why we may
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(music) hey! let me help with that. oh, thank you! (music) introducing the one-and-only volkswagen golf sportwagen. the sportier utility vehicle. a college consulting firm is
4:56 pm
getting international attention for its advice to asian and asian-american students who are trying to get into ivy league schools. >> they are telling them to be, quote, less asian as a number of asian-american groups are suing harvard. . >> try to do things and stay away from stereotype of the piano playing asian applicant. >> reporter: asian americans are paying james chin for advice like this, tips that make their students stand out against other asian-american college applicants. the advice has many people including leaders of a sacramento chinese school criticizing a strategy that pushes students to be quote, unquote less asian. >> i feel sad. i'm not really upset. i feel sad because our nation wants to promote.
4:57 pm
we feel pride for our culture. >> upset me and i think this is a new kind of discrimination and asians should not hide our identity. >> reporter: chin sees positive to his strategy aside from obvious one. he likes to focus on students' passion rather than forcing them to a few approved activities. >> in many cases have to tell parents and students to back off and tell them that they're actually putting too much pressure on their kids to do certain things. it's not necessary for them to try to become all around in every activity. thank you for joining us. power poles knocked down.
4:58 pm
the chp has their hands full. >> live doppler 7 hd tracking the storm that brought record rain for the day. enough weapons for a small army. what two men plan to do with the arsenal. >> face-to-face with a rattlesnake. a warning from experts after little girl was bitten. today's multimillion dollar marijuana bust. and warrior fans in cleveland. we will take you live to where they are taking a break after last night's disappointing loss. live from the kgo tv broadcast center this is abc 7 news. . >> it's been a while since we have heard that sound. today's rain has the bay area breaking some records. good evening. >> thanks for joining us. let's check in with abc 7 meteorologist. what is happening right now? >> on live doppler 7 hd we are tracking a few showers. most of the energy is starting
4:59 pm
to move out of here. let me show you exactly where it is still wet. we will take you into the east bay here where we are seeing light returns around hayward, pleasanten. if you are stepping out and as we look across other parts of the bay area a few showers going down in the south bay right around the san jose area park avenue there have been a few cities that have actually seen records for the day. the sun is breaking through from our camera. sfo new record rainfall for today quarter of an inch. oakland downtown and san rafael since midnight. we will talk about changes ahead. >> thanks very much. the wet weather made for treacherous driving conditions. the driver of this red suv had to be rescued when it flipped on
5:00 pm
to its side along interstate 280. sky 7 hd took these pictures of the after math. it was really pretty frightening situation. the car sat on the shoulder of the freeway until it was pulled back on wheels and towed away. a mud vehicle rolled over in oakland. this happened on highway 24 near tunnel road. one person was hurt but is expected to be okay. and in the south bay an accident light rail service to a stop. abc 7 news was in san jose when a van slammed into a pole. that affected service until early this afternoon. speed may have been a problem in this accident. piece of the old bay bridge ended up littering an old oakland road. an overturned big rig spilled metal beams. it shut down the on ramp for several hours today. within one week two children have been bitten by


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